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Career Counselling


Career counselling is a form of counselling sought by individuals requiring professional advice with regard to their choice of subjects, possible ffields of study and/or career choices. It provides individuals with an opportunity to increase their self-awareness and to discuss their suitability for various career paths.

Career counselling can therefore help individuals to:

  • Make informed career decisions
  • Gain clarity and confidence in their unique career journeys
  • Recognize key components that contribute to their career/academic satisfaction
  • Take time out to reflect on their future
  • Develop short and long term career goals
  • Discover their passion  

Psychometric Assessments

A psychometric assessment is a psychological test that measures an individual’s relevant strengths and weaknesses in order to determine suitability to potential career paths.  Psychometric assessments may be used to assess the values, personality, abilities, interests and aptitude of the individual and can help individuals better understand their abilities, strengths/growth areas, personality style, skills, knowledge and cognitive abilities. 

It should however be noted that even though psychometric assessments (or tests) are helpful and provide valuable insights in a variety of areas, it is one of the many tools available today to help guide individuals in their career choices. Because no one test can provide complete answers, these tests should always be used in conjunction with other contextual information.

Candice combines a narrative approach with psychometric testing to draw maximum beneffit from the career assessment process.  This brings everything together, helping clients to  realize their dreams, aspirations, skills and strengths, and how these factors tie into their subject and career choices. 

Grade 9 Subject Choice

This service offers counselling and career information for learners who need to choose suitable subjects for Grades 10, 11 and 12. 

 Generally, sessions include the following:

  • Pre-assessment consultation 
  • Assessment (e.g., aptitude, interests, personality attributes).
  • Career counselling focusing on identifying broad and possible career fields 
  • Career information
  • A feedback consultation with parents/guardians 
  • Written feedback report (available on request)

 Grades 11 and 12 Career Choice

This service helps and guides learners in Grades 11 and 12 with their career or course choice.

Generally, sessions include the following:

  • Pre-assessment consultation or interview
  • Assessment (e.g., aptitude, interests, values, and personality attributes)
  • Use of narrative assessment techniques.
  • Career Counselling with the individual.
  • Subsequent interview with parents/guardians if desired.
  • Written feedback report (available on request).


These sessions are tailored to you specific need ans are suited to young and mature adults who are:

  • Unsure of what course of study to take
  • Currently working but not certain that their present career/job is right for them
  • Thinking about different career paths or self-employment opportunities 
  • Needing “time out” to reflect on your future
  • Needing support through a career or life transition
  • Seeking greater satisfaction in their current job
  • Work environment affecting you negatively
  • Keen to ffind meaning or greater satisfaction in your career/life